7. Sail Manufacturers

   The Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ proposes deploying a fleet of Turbofoil® equipped vessels configured with a Traction kite. Here we evaluate candidate Sail Manufacturers for their role in developing this application.

Sail Manufacturers

   Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ recognizes the formidable value and leadership the following companies offer towards developing a sail for the Turbofoil® and particularly a parasail to take fullest advantage of high altitude winds of substantial force but lower turbulence in stable conditions.

Company Name

Technology Specifications

KitEnergy KitEnergy is an innovative technology to convert high-altitude wind energy into electricity, by exploiting the flight of automatically controlled tethered airfoils (like power kites used for surfing or sailing). The kites operate between 500 and 1000 m above the ground, where strong and persistent winds blow practically everywhere in the world, and electricity is generated at ground level by converting the traction forces acting on the tethers into mechanical and electrical power, using suitable rotating mechanisms and electrical generators.
Skysails GmbH Skysails GmbH has field-proven high altitude wind sails of up to 2MW power with even higher power rated sails presently in development. While Skysails GmbH presently supports the primary application of towing large freight vessels, Skysails GmbH shows great interest in Renewable Energy applications.

Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ assesses that testing and redesign for adaptation to Turbofoil® remote control applications could add a year to the development timeline, TRL8.

DSM DSM is the inventor and manufacturer of Dyneema®, a high tensile force resistant filament fiber, well suited for use in sails. DSM was an early investor in Skysails GmbH and likewise has keen interest in Renewable Energy and sailing product development. DSM also manufactures other light-weight structural materials including DSM Neoxil® of potential use in Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ mobile structures' bodies.
Flexifoil Kites Flexifoil Kites, a leading European sport kite manufacturer particularly for the sport of kite surfing, has expressed interest in collaborating with IPTC in sailing applications and assistance in migrating the sail design, particularly from fore-and-aft rigged sails, to low altitude spinnakers, to eventually high altitude kite sails.

Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ has discussed future strategic partnering with Flexifoil Kites in the prototype and pilot stages of Turbofoil® development in an EU grant proposal.

Peter Lynn Peter Lynn is one of the world's premiere designers and established licensor of kites and especially traction kites for Kitesurfing, buggying and traction kite products.
Kiteboat Project Kai Concepts Kiteboat Project Kai Concepts, a San Francisco Bay area firm comprized of several former Makani Power team members which has designed, developed, built, and regularly tests and demonstrates a state-of-the-art high performance hydrofoil supported multi-hull sailing vessel propelled by traction kites.
KiteShip Corporation Two luminary individuals in their respective fields of sailing and kiting lead KiteShip, located in Northern California, in relative proximity to Integrated Power Technology Corporation™. Founded in 1996 for the purpose of investigating and developing large scale kites and control systems, specifically for ship-pulling applications, which KiteShip envisages to become cost-effective and industrially desirable early in the 21st century. According to their website, KiteShip Corporation currently holds two world records, the Guinness world record for largest vessel ever pulled by a kite, 2002, and the Guinness world record for largest kite to pull a vehicle, 2004.
Oceanfoil® Oceanfoil® is the UK based maritime engineering, design and technology company pioneering proven aerofoil wingsail technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for commercial vessels. Oceanfoil®’s fuel-assist aerofoil technology uses wingsails to capture effective directional thrust from wind power. Automatically controlled from a computer installed on the bridge and not requiring any crew resource, wingsails are a proven technology.
Nature Technology Systems (NTS) GmbH Nature Technology Systems (NTS) GmbH has experimented with Airborne Wind Energy in the form of a kite power pulling a generator tractor. Their management has been quoted as saying: "a capacity of between 4 and 15MW, … flight maneuvers are claimed to generate a high pulling force of up to 10kN — meaning that a 20m˛ kite has the capacity to pull one ton. Each vehicle is pulled by a different flight system... Depending on wind conditions, eight kites with a combined surface area of up to 300m˛ can equate to 20 conventional 1MW wind turbines."
North Sails North Sails is the oldest member company of the North Technology Group, LLC. North Sails offers a wide line of traditional upwind and downwind, such as spinnaker sails made from innovative materials and processes such as Spread Filament Tape. Spread Filament Tape (SFT) boasts an ability to resist both stretch and compression. SFT can be made of various combinations of Aramid (aromatic polyamide), carbon fiber or Dyneema (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene or UHMWPE). Aramid is strong and resistant to both tension and compression, but is easily damaged by UV rays (none is exposed in completed sails). Carbon fibers are also resistant to tension and compression, but are stiff and fragile. Dyneema is resistant to tension but not compression, yet it's durable and resilient. North makes 20 different Aramid/Carbon/Dyneema SFT blends at its Nevada facility. Because North Technology Group, LLC has other sailing products including carbon fiber spars, carbon fiber rigging, and marine components it fits well as a consortium candidate.

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