Technology Summary

Integrated Power Technology Corporation's patented and patent pending oceanic mobile hybrid modular wind, hydro, and solar distributed energy conversion systems remote-controlled by a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system which optimizes configuration, operation, and navigation thereby profitably producing, storing, and delivering fuel, energy-intensive products, and/or environmental remediation reagents when and where best produced and most needed.

   The Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ patented oceanic remote-controlled mobile structures capture energy from multiple sources simultaneously, and deliver energy or energy-intensive commodities to a central distribution location which controls navigation of the mobile structures based on geospatial information (i.e. National Weather Service) data and Velocity Performance Prediction (VPP/CFD) models integrated into path cost/yield analysis.

   To optimally exploit oceanic renewable resources of higher energy and over a much greater global surface area than land, connecting a natural flow system covering anywhere over nearly three quarters of the surface of the planet thus availing vast industrial and humanitarian sustainability potential; modular mobile hybrid structures deliver energy intensive commodities via the expansive source of energy from the ocean presenting significant opportunity to optimize profitable delivery, while facilitating planning, maintenance and operation.

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