Configuration Geographic Data

Courtesy NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE)Courtesy: NASA Visible Earth, the Global Wind Speed page

   Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ has associates in Ireland and UK; Kodiak Island, Alaska; The Northern Pacific Region between Eureka, California, and Coos Bay, Oregon; and The Big Island, Hawaii; with other viable locations including Perth, Western Australia; The South Pacific Basin, especially near Punta Arenas, or Tierra del Fuego, Chile; Guam and the Philippines; each near rich Oceanic Renewable Energy resources, whose geographic energy profile optimally suits various configurations of modular mobile structure. Wind hindcast maps from NASA above indicate favorable capacity factors for hydrokinetic and wind energy conversion modules for each region.

   Here we evaluate each candidate geographic location for suitability for various mobile structure configurations based on 10 year hindcast wind and insolation data from NASA and NOAA. The geographic data piqued interest especially in the following regions:

   Given 10 year hindcast wind and insolation data from NASA and NOAA, we evaluate candidate configurations of mobile hybrid structures specific to each of the above regions, based on delivery of kWh of electricity, kg-H2 - a gallon of gasoline equivalent energy (gge), or Metric Tonnes of Ammonia.

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