Corporate Background

Integrated Power Technology Corporation™, "IPTC", a privately-held California S-corp founded in 2006 created an Integrated Circuit Digital Power Patent Portfolio garnering substantial investment by a Fortune 500 corporation.

Integrated Power Technology Corporation™ also developed seven patents issued and four applications pending in the United States and Japan for offshore energy production. Today it's primarily focused on Research and Development, Design, Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer of advanced database and electromechanical systems for energy conversion from oceanic resources into fuel, energy-intensive products, or environmental remediation reagents.

As Integrated Power Technology Corporation™'s Renewable Energy Portfolio advances toward Physical Design and Proof-of-Concept, it's well-suited to fit the needs of customers, strategic partners, licensees, and all of humanity, such as:

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The IPTC system functions especially well in ocean regions in the “Roaring Forties”, availing abundant energy to the historically disadvantaged southern hemisphere developing nations from Australia to South America to South Africa to a plethora of island nations otherwise energy starved. The adaptability of an oceanic energy or energy-intensive commodity recovery and remediation system to most economically and expeditiously respond to alleviate scarcity or emergency conditions for humanity is IPTC's distinction.

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